Breathe Feel Heal - Katsura Isobe Craniosacral Therapy, Pilates, Somatic Movement
Breathe Feel Heal - Katsura IsobeCraniosacral Therapy, Pilates, Somatic Movement

Somatic Movement

Somatic Movement is an embodiment practice in movement that listens deeply to our personal internal physical feeling and experience. We use movement, touch, breath, sound and verbal dialogue to enquire our own perceptions, relationships, and beings in motion. The exploration often leads us to the awareness of our minds and spirits, as they are intimately united as a whole person. 


I studied with Patricia Bardi in Amsterdam, certified VMI Somatic Practitioner. Registered Somatic Movement Educator & Therapist (RSMT, RSME). I facilitate workshops for specific groups of people such as adults with visual impairment, the elderly, young people and university students. 


Currently I work as a practitioner at the Sensory Hub ClubA Complementary Health and Creative Space for early year children with special needs and their parents. Please find more details here.


Katsura Isobe

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