Breathe Feel Heal - Katsura Isobe Craniosacral Therapy, Pilates, Somatic Movement
Breathe Feel Heal - Katsura IsobeCraniosacral Therapy, Pilates, Somatic Movement

Breathe, Feel, Heal

My name is Katsura Isobe. I am a Craniosacral therapist, Pilates teacher and Somatic Movement educator & therapist based in Islington, London. 


While we all love to live our lives to the full, sometimes we notice knots and pains physically and/or emotionally that stop us doing so. How can we untangle the knots, release the pains and regain the flow? 


Our bodies are intimately united with the mind, emotions and spirit. How do we feel good about ourselves as integrated whole persons?


Create time and space for yourself to breathe, feel and heal. I would be grateful to facilitate the journey you are going on.


Craniosacral Therapy


Somatic Movement

Katsura Isobe MA, RSMT, RSME, RCST


My fascination with the body, movement and its expression has been originally cultivated in dance, where I have immersed myself for three decades. Later, my interest appears to have branched out into Pilates, Somatic Movement and Craniosacral Therapy, while the root remains in an enquiry into how consciousness inhabits in our bodies.



Education and Qualifications


Registered Somatic Movement Therapist & Educator

Registered Craniosacral Therapist


Cranio-Sacral Therapy diploma, College of Craino-Sacral Therapy

VMI Somatic Practice certification

Pilates based body conditioning & remedial exercise, Alan Herdman Pilates

MA Dance [Scenography], Laban Centre London

BA Dance and Dance Education, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo


For my works in dance, please see a website; Katsura Isobe Dance Art and Movement Works


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